Turn cloud chaos into a 


Continuously scan and govern your cloud with IaC-informed intelligence. Remediate risks, reduce costs, and prevent errors.

Leading platform teams trust Firefly

Firefly benefits DevOps and Platform teams

AppsFlyer →

Immediate ROI

Appsflyer saved 310+ engineering hours by automatically codifying 2,350 resources into Terraform IaC.

nDustrial →

MTTR reduced by 61%

nDustrial detected 3,500 configuration drifts and reduced MTTR by 61% through automated remediation.


100% change management and rollback

When disaster struck, one of the largest travel portals used Firefly’s asset history to quickly find an asset that was deleted, then use the previous configuration to restore service.

Aqua Security  →

Costly cloud waste eliminated

Aqua Security easily identified and disabled costly third-party monitors that were deployed but not connected to any configuration.

Save time, spend less, and get more from your cloud

Firefly’s cloud asset management solution provides the cloud infrastructure management that cloud users yearn for and traditional CMDB lacks. Firefly enables you to:

Instant codification

Turn any cloud resource into IaC without expensive engineering hours

Smart policies

Maintain your cloud with AI-generated recommendations

Coverage monitoring

Understand your IaC coverage across all cloud accounts

Asset history

Track history and roll back changes for disaster recovery

Drift prevention

Instantly remediate drifts to govern your cloud infrastructure

Compliance audits

Automate compliance audits to enforce best practices

Prevent service disruptions, improve governance, and increase engineering efficiency

Control all cloud assets—across different cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, K8s, and SaaS apps—all in one place

See health status, history, and actionable insights while using powerful filters to easily find anything.

Automatically turn cloud into IaC, including dependencies and modules

See health status, history, and actionable insights while using powerful filters to easily find anything.

Spend more time building, less time on production issues

Automatically detect and remediate drifts and misconfigurations, see change history, roll back to previous configurations, and recover mistakenly deleted assets.

Consistently apply best practices and AI-driven policies

Prevent downtime, eliminate cloud waste, and improve compliance and security posture.

The path to a well-managed cloud



You can’t manage what you don’t see. Continuously catalog all cloud assets across multi-cloud, Kubernetes clusters and SaaS applications. Identify what is codified, unmanaged, drifted, and ghosted, even as new resources are added.
A list of cloud assets showing their IaC status and owner
Some automatically generated code to codify all dependencies


Automatically create IaC (Terraform, Pulumi, etc) from actual unmanaged cloud assets for a 42% more efficient cloud environment. Cloud assets managed via IaC can be immutable, portable, and version controlled.


Reduce risk of service failures and instability. Immediately identify changes in your cloud and remediate misconfiguration and drifts. Assess asset history to solve production issues and to simplify audits. Roll back asset configurations for disaster recovery.
A drift alert showing an asset with a disparity between the running and desired configuration
Three AI-generated recommendations to improve cloud performance, reduce costs, and avoid downtime


Apply industry best practices and AI-based Policy-as-Code to improve cost, reliability, and security. Meet your own unique requirements for asset tagging and other bespoke policies.
“Firefly is an essential DevOps tool...
setup was done in minutes, providing quick insights about cost, optimizations, and inventory management.”
—Nokky G. via G2
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