Illuminate your cloud with Firefly

Firefly’s cloud asset management platform provides everything you need for a well-managed infrastructure platform—in the cloud.
A variety of cloud providers and SaaS products feed their data into Firefly, which helps organize all assets

Key features

A list of cloud assets, their statuses, and their owners

Cloud inventory

See, understand, search, and filter all your resources

Reduce risk of service failures and instability. Immediately identify changes in your cloud and remediate misconfiguration and drifts. Assess asset history to solve production issues and to simplify audits. Roll back asset configurations for disaster recovery.

IaC creation from existing infrastructure

Codify your cloud—instantly

Don’t waste hundreds of developer hours turning your infrastructure in IaC—Firefly can generate IaC like Terraform and Pulumi automatically from existing infrastructure. You don’t have to be an expert at writing IaC. You don’t even have to know the best way to do it. Firefly will create consistent IaC using best practices so you can reap the benefits, immediately.

Some code that was automatically generated to codify all dependencies
A Slack notification showing a drifted asset

Configuration drift detection and fix

Detect drift and fix it forever

Compare your desired configuration against the actual configuration as Firefly continuously scans the cloud to detect drift. Breathe easy as you eliminate misconfigurations, security issues, or other threats to production.

Real-time alerts provide remediation in the form of a git pull request. You remain in control over its deployment.

AI-driven policy engine and remediation

Get codified policy right, the first time

Deploy your policies in code for consistent and efficient enforcement across the entire cloud environment. Whether you write your own policy or use the AI-based policy engine, Firefly makes it easy to find the right policy, expose resources that violate that policy, and provide remediation solutions.

Some AI-generated recommendations for cutting costs, improving performance, and avoiding downtime
The version of history of a cloud asset

Asset history

Store the past while building the future

Having a reliable cloud backup is the key to keeping your peace of mind. Easily look back at any changes in configuration and identify where things went wrong so you can put out fires quickly. Plus, if disaster strikes, you can always roll back to past configurations or re-deploy deleted assets.

Cloud status visibility

Always know what your cloud is doing

Firefly can precisely determine if each resource in your cloud is codified, unmanaged, drifted, or ghost. Not only will you know exactly what percentage of your cloud resources are correctly managed, but you’ll gain insight into where and how much more you’ll need to invest in infrastructure as code.

A chart showing IaC coverage across all cloud assets
The version of history of a cloud asset

IaC workflows

Automate IaC provisioning using your existing CI/CD 

Enhance cloud operations, and enable efficient and reliable deployments through optimized IaC GitOps automations, all while leveraging your existing tech stack. Ensure streamlined planning, deployment, and troubleshooting with unparalleled visibility and insights. 

We integrate with everything

Don’t stop building—Firefly integrates with all of your favorite tools and programs to create your ideal cloud management platform.
A variety of cloud providers and SaaS products feed their data into Firefly