Firefly Partner Program

An exclusive partnership opportunity for technology providers, System Integrators (SIs), consultants, and resellers. With our powerful cloud asset management solutions at your disposal, you can bring unprecedented efficiency to your projects and deliver unparalleled value to your customers. At the same time, participate in generous referral incentives and other joint selling initiatives.

Why Firefly?

Firefly is a comprehensive cloud asset management solution, designed to empower DevOps, SRE, and platform engineering teams. From providing complete visibility of cloud resources within a single dashboard to auditing changes, auto-generating IaC for new and existing resources, fixing drifts, and sending alerts for policy violations, Firefly is your complete cloud management platform. Comprehensive cloud management can benefit you and your customers.

The Firefly advantage for our partners

Attractive referral incentives:

Earn a significant fee for every mutual successful sale.

Improved efficiency:

Automate much of your manual work and streamline your projects.

Top-tier support:

Get access to training and marketing materials, sales kits, and technical engineering support.

Enhance your business with Firefly

Firefly’s cloud asset management solution gives you a competitive edge by enhancing your business offerings:

IaC Visibility

Understand IaC coverage across all your customers' cloud accounts

Instant codification

Automatically codify any resource to any IaC framework


Enforce out-of-the-box and custom AI-generated policies

Disaster Recovery

Roll back changes and recover deleted resources to quickly fix disasters

Drift prevention

Instantly remediate drifts to prevent service failures

Cloud Audit

Automate compliance audits and change managment

Authorized resellers

Platinum reseller

Integration partners

Become a Firefly partner