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1 cloud account
Up to 750 assets
1 K8s cluster
Slack, GitHub, GitLab integrations
Community support
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Billed annually
3 cloud accounts
Up to 4,000 assets
2 K8s clusters
Slack, GitHub, GitLab integrations
Community support
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Billed annually
12 cloud accounts
Up to 20,000 assets
8 K8s clusters
Advanced integrations
Dedicated support
30-day asset history
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Custom cloud accounts
Custom asset discount
Custom K8s clusters
Custom integrations
Custom asset history
Specialized support
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Frequently asked questions

What counts as an asset?

Cloud Asset is any cloud resource that was created by the user. Examples include S3 buckets, IAM roles, lambda function, K8s cluster roles, EC2 instances, etc.

Which assets are supported by Firefly?

Firefly supports all assets from AWS and Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and any SaaS application that has a Terraform provider.

What is needed in order to start using Firefly?

Onboarding takes only minutes. Click “Get started” or “Login” to open your account. Connect at least one cloud asset, and you can begin realizing the benefits of more visibility, reliability, and control. Contact us if you have questions or need help getting started.

Which IaC providers are supported by Firefly?

We support all IaC types including Terraform, Pulumi, CloudFormation, Crossplane, and others.

What cloud providers does Firefly integrate with?

Currently, we integrate with AWS and Google Cloud but will support Azure in the near future.

How is Firefly different from other solutions?

Unlike other solutions that are focused on a specific angle of the cloud asset management problem that DevOps face (such as drift detection, compliance, security, etc), Firefly offers an all-in-one solution designed specifically for DevOps.