Disaster recovery

No more deletion disasters

When disaster strikes, your critical cloud services and SaaS application configurations are protected by Firefly's cloud disaster recovery capabilities. With Firefly, users can roll back changes and can even recover deleted assets that no longer exist in the cloud infrastructure. 

Comprehensive cloud disaster recovery

Firefly’s cloud asset management solution provides cloud disaster recovery for a variety of scenarios of loss or corruption:

Loss of entire cloud configuration

Your entire AWS account, Google Cloud project, or Azure subscription

Loss of entire virtual private cloud instance

Your whole VPC and associated resources/ instances

Instance failure

Your service has a failure and needs to roll back to restore critical infrastructure

Individual asset

Quickly roll back changes to an S3 bucket, security group, or Kubernetes cluster to restore service

SaaS app configuration

Capture critical app configurations like Okta, DataDog, GitLab, PagerDuty and more. Restore when needed.

Troubleshooting & Auditing

Track history of all assets and their configurations, even deleted ones. See who changed what, when, how.

One solution for better cloud management

Multi-cloud inventory

Manage your cloud inventory across multi-cloud, multiple accounts, K8s, and SaaS applications (Datadog, Git, Okta, etc.) in one place. Track cloud asset history and health status.

Automatically create IaC

Automatically transform cloud resources such as S3 buckets and K8s clusters into Terraform, Pulumi and Helm (including dependencies and modules) to quickly achieve full IaC coverage.

Fix misconfigurations and drift

Continuously identify unmanaged changes and remediate cloud configuration drift. Get real-time alerts and automatically generate Git pull/merge requests for remediation.

Cloud asset recovery

Capture cloud asset history to more easily troubleshoot issues and roll back cloud and SaaS app configurations to previous versions in the event of an outage.

Apply best practices—always

Apply policies-as-code across your entire cloud assets and IaC to find inefficiencies and ensure best practices. Add custom policies using the AI-driven policy-as-code generator.

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