We’ve collected results from actual customer trials and found the following average savings of time and money in only the first two weeks of use with customers trying it out on as many as 24,254 assets across 30 cloud accounts.

In two weeks, the average Firefly customer was able to generate $186K value in engineering time saved, service disruption prevention, and direct cost savings with even more savings to follow their pilot projects of limited scope.

Firefly's multi-cloud, multi-IaC platform meets the needs of all cloud practitioners with a price based upon cloud assets under management, enabling everyone to benefit.

Let's look at how each team benefits.

ROI summary

These benefits are enabled by Firefly's unique abilities to:

  • Continuously scan your cloud to find unmanaged and drifted resources
  • Automatically codify your cloud, creating and using repeatable modules
  • Apply AI-driven policies to ensure best practices
  • Govern SaaS apps and their infrastructure seamlessly with DevOps workflows
  • Gain real-time visibility across complex multi-cloud configurations and multiple infrastructure-as-code frameworks
  • Provide contextual insight that eliminates silos, reduces friction, and enables better decision-making

ROI enablers

With Firefly's simple, straightforward pricing, the return on investment can be swift and clear.

Don't wait to achieve your own benefits. Try Firefly for yourself. Get started for free or schedule a demo.