We can finally say goodbye to boring and technical explanations, and instead say hello to a fun and friendly way of learning about DevOps. By bringing these tools to life, we can showcase the different parts that make up the DevOps ecosystem.
So, if you're ready to see DevOps in a whole new light, let's dive in!

Linux (1991)

Python (1991)

Postgres (1996)

Jenkins CI (2005)

AWS (2006)

Github (2008)

Chef (2009)

PagerDuty (2009)

Azure (2010)

Datadog (2010)

Google Cloud (2011)

Gitlab (2011)

Snowflake (2012)

Prometheus (2012)

Docker (2013)

Terraform (2014)

Kubernetes (2014)

Vault (2015)

OPA (2016)

OpenTelemetry (2017)

Pulumi (2017)

ArgoCD (2017)

Crossplane (2019)

Firefly (2021)

DevOps + AI? There is more…

Firefly is the creator of AIaC - AI-powered Infrastructure-as-Code and configuration generator.

AIaC can generate a wide range of IaC code, including CloudFormation, Terraform, Pulumi, Helm Chart, and Dockerfiles. In addition, AIaC can generate CI/CD pipelines and workflows configuration and even Shell Scripts. This makes it an incredibly versatile and powerful tool for DevOps and Platform teams.

Get started with AIaC today: https://aiac.dev/