Good news for Cloud Engineers, DevOps and Platform Teams! Firefly, your go-to cloud asset management platform, now supports Terraform Import Blocks. We've streamlined the process of importing existing cloud assets into Terraform, saving you time and headaches.

What is Terraform Import Block?

Terraform introduced the import block feature in version 1.5.0. The import block allows you to bring existing cloud resources into Terraform without using the terraform import command. You can preview all changes through the Terraform plan before actually modifying your state. It's a more transparent and safer way to manage your cloud assets.

Why Firefly's Support for Terraform Import Blocks Matters

With our new support for Terraform Import Blocks, you can automatically generate the import block along with the generated Terraform code we provide. This speeds up the asset importing process significantly,  allowing teams without access to terraform locally to codify and import existing resources using the Terraform Plan command in their official CI/CD flow.

How It Works

Here's a quick code snippet to show how easy it is to use:


Whether you're managing AWS, GCP, Azure, or other SaaS applications, Firefly's new Terraform Import Block support will streamline your cloud asset management. Give it a try and experience quicker, more efficient asset importing.