CMDB for Cloud Quick Guide

See why legacy CMDB falls short
Understand why you need CMDB for cloud infrastructure

NextGen CMDB Quick Guide

Quick Guide to CMDB (Configuration Management Database) for Cloud Infrastructure

Discover how traditional IT asset management practices can be applied to today's complex cloud environments. Gain insights into the challenges and benefits of adopting a CMDB for cloud, whether you're a large enterprise or a cloud-native organization.

What are the Challenges of Modern Cloud Management?
What are the Consequences of Unmanaged Cloud Assets?
How does Next Generation CMDB look in the Cloud Era?
What to Look for in a CMDB for cloud infrastructure?

Firefly benefits DevOps and Platform teams


Immediate ROI

Appsflyer saved 310+ engineering hours by automatically codifying 2,350 resources into Terraform IaC.


MTTR reduced by 61%

nDustrial detected 3,500 configuration drifts and reduced MTTR by 61% through automated remediation.


100% change management and rollback

When disaster struck, one of the largest travel portals used Firefly’s asset history to quickly find an asset that was deleted, then use the previous configuration to restore service.

Aqua Security

Costly cloud waste eliminated

Aqua Security easily identified and disabled costly third-party monitors that were deployed but not connected to any configuration.