The challenge

As NEXT Insurance grew, they faced a prevailing challenge: transitioning from a single AWS legacy account with no infrastructure-as-code (IaC) to a multi-account architecture fully-managed by IaC. The team needed to update their infrastructure – but had no time or resources available for writing Terraform IaC and couldn’t risk downtime. They needed to ensure changes wouldn’t compromise reliability or create other problems.

The solution

NEXT Insurance was looking for a solution that would work for both infrastructure and
development teams. Firefly provided the perfect solution, enabling them to transition into an architecture fully supported by IaC, quickly and without wasting valuable engineering time.
Firefly was able to provide a comprehensive asset inventory and turn unmanaged cloud assets into IaC through automation.

The Result

Firefly helped NEXT Insurance more quickly transition to a modern IaC supported-architecture that keeps the NEXT insurance cloud configuration aligned to the desired state.

Asset discovery and Automated IaC coding

Migrating to IaC normally requires significant up-front engineering time to create Terraform or other IaC needed to manage cloud assets. With Firefly, NEXT Insurance was able to bypass manual Terraform coding to rapidly migrate their cloud infrastructure with Firefly’s automated code generation. This saved valuable engineering time while also ensuring a higher level of accuracy by avoiding common human errors typically encountered in repetitive tasks.

Observability and Control

An enormous concern for the transition was that any potential manual changes could introduce error or misconfiguration. It was critical that the IaC continuously match its underlying cloud configuration. To ensure their architecture is perfectly in sync at all times, NEXT Insurance relied on Firefly’s ability to continuously assesses any difference introduced between IaC state files and the actual cloud configuration. This real-time visibility into configuration drifts provided unparalleled control over their cloud footprint.


Firefly helped NEXT Insurance transition to their new cloud architecture while also preventing the introduction of security issues caused by misconfigurations and lack of controls. NEXT
Insurance maintained compliance with their policies during the transition, and achieved enhanced security moving forward.

About Next Insurance

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