About SeaLights

Founded in 2015, SeaLights solves one of the biggest problems that large organizations have – how to deliver better quality software at faster speed. SeaLights provides unique insights inside an application and apply AI to identify quality risks. Some of SeaLights’ customers are the largest banks, telcos, and media companies in the world.

The Challenge

As a part of keeping their infrastructure within best practices, Shalev and his team adopted Terraform to automate their entire cloud footprint. Though they were able to codify a lot of their infrastructure manually, they were on the lookout for a tool that will enable them to do that much faster with existing resources. But it’s not only their AWS assets they were looking to codify to Terraform, but also their Datadog assets, to make sure that the benefits they receive from IaC applies to their entire cloud, and not only their cloud provider. 

Using Firefly’s Automatic Terraform Codification

SeaLights chose Firefly to automatically codify the rest of their infrastructure and cloud assets and were able to: 

  1. Complete Cloud Discovery - SeaLights were able to gain visibility to all their cloud assets, whether AWS assets, or SaaS extensions, and their IaC status on their Terraform state files. 
  2. Automatic Codification to Terraform - With Firefly, SeaLights were able to instantly codify a batch of cloud assets, including Datadog assets, to Terraform, directly to the repository they manage their IaC on.

The Result

SeaLights’ team gained a fuller understanding of their IaC coverage on Terraform and were able to quickly codify any cloud asset, whether part of their AWS infrastructure or SaaS application, to Terraform in a matter of minutes, instead of hours.