The Challenge: Scaling Up Without Slowing Down

As a growing company, Xvoucher was grappling with a significant challenge: they wanted to scale their AWS infrastructure without spending an excessive amount of time on manual tasks. They recognized that Infrastructure as Code (IaC) was the way forward but found creating IaC for existing resources themselves was both time-consuming and prone to human error.

Rafael Demenech, DevOps Engineer at Xvoucher, describes the situation: "Whenever you need to deploy a resource to another environment, you encounter a very time-consuming process. This task requires performing manual steps, taking the same actions you did previously in the AWS console, replicating them, then validating and refining these steps. This prolonged procedure often extends a simple task to a duration of one to two weeks, adding significantly to our daily workload."

The Solution: Firefly's Cloud Asset Management

Xvoucher met Firefly at AWS re:Invent 2022, Firefly’s booth was adjacent to Xvoucher’s booth, so Rafael took the opportunity to watch a quick demo of Firefly. To his surprise, Firefly was exactly the solution he was looking for that could boost the efficiency of his team and help them scale in a reliable way without investing countless hours.

Xvoucher deployed Firefly's cloud asset management solution, which allowed them to quickly codify existing resources into IaC, saving them time and helping them move faster.

The Results: Increased Efficiency and Significant Cost Savings

With Firefly's solution, Xvoucher was able to reduce the time it took to create a new environment from over a week to less than two days. Moreover, they saved a full-time DevOps role that would have specialized only in creating IaC – with an average salary of $104,441 per year.

The speed and efficiency brought by Firefly have made it a critical part of the Xvoucher team. "We see Firefly as an additional employee of the team. It's like a person for Infrastructure-as-code. And that could be a full-time job," says Rafael.

Looking Ahead

Xvoucher plans to continue leveraging Firefly's cloud asset management solution in the future and further expand its usage of it by learning about new capabilities that Firefly offers. On top of that, they're interested in implementing the product among the R&D developers so they can generate IaC more easily with Firefly and enable the DevOps team, to focus more on value-added efforts.


By adopting Firefly, Xvoucher made significant strides in its efforts to scale up its infrastructure. Not only did they manage to streamline their processes and reduce the time required to create a new environment, but they also saved the cost of a full-time DevOps role that would have focused on IaC. With the continued use of Firefly, they look forward to more opportunities for efficient growth.

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