Okta protection

Is your Okta configuration protected?

What's your disaster recovery plan if your Okta environment is corrupted, deleted, or inappropriately changed? How do you backup and restore its configurations?

Viewing Okta assets' history in Firefly

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Safeguarding your business

Identity access management is mission critical

SOC2 Type2 and ISO 27001 require a backup tenant for critical assets like Okta. How unhappy would your customers be while you manually recreate everything? Okta deployments are single-points-of-truth (and failure) for businesses, and misconfigurations can lead to serious consequences.

Protect your Okta deployment by managing Everything-as-Code

Make your Okta configuration immutable, versioned, and governed by managing it with infrastructure-as-code. Firefly seamlessly manages Okta and other SaaS applications (such as GitHub, DataDog, CloudFlare, etc.), offering unparalleled inventory visibility, policy violation alerts, and configuration history. Trust Firefly to keep your critical Okta configurations recoverable and governed!

Real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts to unexpected configuration changes so you never miss a mistake

Asset history

Roll back unexpected changes and privilege escalation to previous configurations

Built-in & custom policies

Ensure your Okta configurations meet your industry and organizational requirements

Protect yourself proactively

Protection and recovery for Okta is simple with Firefly

Make your Okta configurations immutable to protect them from tampering. Recover Okta configurations quickly. Roll back changes, and track their change history. Maintain business continuity and service availability for one of your most critical assets.

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