Firefly helps you manage Azure with ease

Instantly manage your Azure resources, Kubenetes, and more with Infrastructure-as-Code (such as Terraform, Pulumi, Helm).

Prevent service disruptions, improve governance, and increase engineering efficiency.
Firefly and Azure

Leading platform teams trust Firefly

Why Azure and Firefly?

Firefly Cloud Inventory

Unified Cloud Inventory

Manage Kubernetes, multiple clouds, and SaaS applications such as Okta, New Relic, DataDog, PagerDuty effortlessly through Firefly's centralized platform.
Firefly Cloud Governance

Proactive Governance

Map states and stacks to cloud resources to identify and remediate drifted and ghosted assets before they lead to costly downtime or security vulnerabilities.
Firefly IaC Acceleration

IaC Acceleration

Eliminate manual effort to find and codify unmanaged resources.  Automatically generate IaC (such as Terraform orPulumi) based on your actual cloud infrastructure.
Firefly Cloud Efficiency

Streamlined Cloud Management

Utilize advanced automation and AI-driven insights to optimize CloudOps team performance, reducing time and effort in managing complex deployments.

Govern your cloud with Firefly

Everything you need for a well-managed cloud infrastructure

Some AI-generated recommendations for cutting costs, improving performance, and avoiding downtime