Datadog and Firefly

SaaS-as-Code: manage all your Datadog assets as code

Firefly enables Cloud teams to manage all their Datadog assets with any Infrastructure-as-Code tools (e.g Terraform) and enjoy all the benefits that come from it, such as immutability, versioning, collaboration and the ability to deploy replicas of Datadog configurations anytime, in a timely manner.

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Why Datadog and Firefly?

Firefly integrates with Datadog to boost mutual users with new capabilities to make sure their Datadog is aligned with their desired state of cloud:
Complete cloud and Datadog inventory: get an up-to-date status of all Datadog and cloud resources, across a multi-cloud, multi-account, Kubernetes environment, in the context of IaC.
Automatic codification of Datadog assets: Get all your Datadog and cloud assets managed as code through Terraform / Pulumi / Cloudformation / CDK.
Datadog drift detection: for every Datadog drift, Firefly sends you Slack alerts with context and fixes to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
Avoid service failures: minimize the risk for service failures by getting notified on any drift, misconfiguration, possible mistake, or deviation from your desired state of cloud.

Terraform Cloud Run Tasks Integration

Firefly is proud to be one of the first partners to integrate with Terraform Cloud run tasks.  When using Firefly, users can create an integration with Terraform Cloud and use Firefly's integration with Run Tasks, that will authorize, analyze and detect all affected resources, whether managed by Terraform or not, from the change described in the Plan.  User may choose to either Apply to the environment or alter the plan as needed - being certain that their changes won't break their cloud.

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