GitLab and Firefly

Manage your Infrastructure-as-Code on GitLab using Firefly

Firefly enables GitLab users to capture their entire cloud footprint then push codified assets (such as Terraform, and Helm) to their GitLab repository. With Firefly and GitLab together, you can apply version control, automation, and governance to your entire software footprint - both applications and the infrastructure upon which they rely. Moreover, Firefly also detects configuration drifts as they occur and enables users to mitigate by fixing their configuration in a consistent, governed fashion by automatically creating a GitLab merge request.

Why GitLab and Firefly?

Now, Cloud teams are able to easily and consistently meet best practices for cloud asset management. At the same time, they can replace manual work with automatic processes that enable faster feature release with less effort. You can:
Transform Cloud Resources to IaC: Firefly can automatically turn any unmanaged cloud resource to IaC (such as Terraform) that will be pushed directly to your GitLab repository, in which you manage your IaC configuration files.
Detect and Fix Configuration Drifts: Firefly continuously scans your IaC states and actual cloud configuration to find any misalignments and alert you on them. Then, Firefly suggests a fix to the drifts, according to best practices, which can be easily deployed and updated on the GitLab repository.

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