Pulumi and Firefly

Discover all your cloud resources and automatically manage them with Pulumi and Firefly

Firefly's Cloud Asset Management solution, combined with Pulumi's Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capabilities, empowers DevOps, SREs, and Platform Engineering teams to oversee their entire cloud footprint, understand which parts of it are managed by Pulumi, and automatically turn resources that were created manually into Pulumi.

Firefly is also a sponsor in the upcoming PulumiUp.

Why Pulumi and Firefly?

Pulumi and Firefly collectively enable DevOps and Platform teams to gain full control over all cloud workloads, ensuring they maintain their desired state through automated IaC creation and misconfiguration management.
Complete cloud inventory and Pulumi coverage: keep track of everything you have in the cloud across multiple accounts and Pulumi IaC stacks.
Automatically turn any cloud resource into any Pulumi: Automatically, in minutes, transform your unmanaged resources into Pulumi.
Detect and Fix Configuration Drifts: Firefly continuously scans your Pulumi code and actual configuration to find drifts, alert you to them, and suggest deployable fixes that align with best practices.
Ensure best practices with AI-driven policies: Apply pre made or custom policies to eliminate cloud waste, improve reliability and avoid security hazards.

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