Everything as code

Managing your SaaS tools as code

When we adopt SaaS tools, we tend to see them as just that – tools. However, they eventually become siloed, unmanaged clouds with their own inventory of services, objects and resources. How can we make these SaaS clouds immutable, versioned, scalable and monitored if these extensions aren't codified? With Firefly, you can turn manual configurations of these tools into the relevant code configurations at the click of a button.

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Why SaaS-as-Code?

Firefly enables Cloud teams to manage all their SaaS apps with any Infrastructure-as-Code tools (e.g Terraform) and enjoy all the benefits that come from it, such as immutability, versioning, collaboration and the ability to deploy replicas of SaaS configurations anytime, in a timely manner.

Configuration Management

Receive alerts of unmanaged changes and remediate cloud configuration drift

Version Control

Capture the history of your configurations and easily track when a resource was changed and the details of its modifications

Cloud Inventory

Centralized Visibility Across Multi-Cloud, multiple accounts, K8s and SaaS Applications

Cloud Cost Management

Identify and disable costly and unused resources

Transform your SaaS  Management

Firefly Transforms SaaS Apps into Infrastructure-as-Code for seamless management

Firefly and Datadog

DataDog as Code

Optimize Datadog cloud cost management by managing assets with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool, and efficiently pinpoint and deactivate unused costly resources.

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Okta as Code

What's your disaster recovery plan if your Okta environment is corrupted, deleted, or inappropriately changed? How do you backup and restore its configurations?

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PagerDuty as Code

Protect your PagerDuty deployment by managing with Firefly. Trust Firefly to keep your critical PagerDuty configurations recoverable and governed!

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