Firefly is thrilled to share a major enhancement to our Cloud Asset Management solution that reflects Firefly's commitment to simplifying and enhancing cloud management across all technical stacks. Firefly announces support for Microsoft Azure, expanding asset management capabilities to all three major cloud providers: Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. This expansion is a significant step towards empowering organizations with a seamless multi-cloud infrastructure management solution. By expanding its services to Azure, Firefly is enabling organizations to achieve greater cloud governance and efficiency for even more of their cloud infrastructure.

The Importance of Multi-Cloud Management

Multi-cloud infrastructure has become a strategic imperative for organizations seeking flexibility and optimization of specific workloads.  With Firefly's support for all three major cloud providers, teams can control all their cloud assets, plus Kubernetes and SaaS application configurations, in one place, improving efficiency and preventing potential downtime. 

Key Benefits of Firefly for Azure Users

  1. IaC Acceleration: Firefly scans your cloud footprint and IaC files to find resources not yet managed by IaC. Then, Firefly automatically generates IaC (such as Terraform and Pulumi) based on your actual infrastructure. With Firefly, you can seamlessly deploy infrastructure code using your existing DevOps CI/CD workflow. Plus, Firefly only requires read access to your git repo, giving you full control.
  2. Proactive Governance and Risk Mitigation: Firefly empowers users to identify and remediate misconfigurations before they lead to costly downtime or security vulnerabilities. This proactive approach gets to the root cause of many issues - cloud management practices and policies - to ensure greater reliability, visibility, and control.
  3. Enhanced CloudOps and DevOps Efficiency: Firefly's advanced automation eliminates manual efforts to find unmanaged assets and codify them, while module creation and reuse improve both efficiency and consistency. AI-driven insights help optimize resources. With Firefly, teams can reduce the time and effort required to manage complex cloud and Kubernetes deployments.
  4. NextGen Cloud CMDB: Firefly embraces proven configuration management databases (CMDB) principles so users can control cloud assets as easily as physical assets. Firefly provides a unified inventory so users can find, assess, and manage multiple clouds, K8s, and SaaS application configurations.

How Firefly is Different

While the leading cloud providers all offer cloud inventory management, correlating and managing these across clouds is becoming increasingly difficult as cloud operations grow. This is why multi-cloud asset management is becoming even more important, as well as managing the diversity of IaC tooling and SaaS applications. Today’s cloud-forward organizations require a cloud and IaC agnostic platform, like Firefly.  

Managing your cloud assets more efficiently across your clouds and environments, SaaS apps, and cloud-native tooling is driving IT decision-making today. When every dollar counts, you must ensure governance, security, and economic efficiency. This all begins with consistently and proactively managing the health and governance of your cloud assets.

Firefly is excited to support the three most widely adopted cloud providers in the ecosystem, to provide a seamless experience for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Cloud users in a single place.  This ensures that no matter what cloud you entrust with your most critical business infrastructure, you will be able to manage and maintain their operation in a unified, consolidated, and efficient manner.

New to Firefly? Here is a short video intro for Azure users.

Existing Firefly users, connect Azure now.