Firefly is excited to unveil Workflows, a revolutionary new feature designed to optimize your Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) operations. With the launch of Workflows, Firefly is setting new standards in cloud infrastructure management, empowering teams to deploy, manage, and scale their cloud environments with unprecedented efficiency and confidence.

Bring Your Own CI/CD

Firefly Workflows extends your existing CI/CD capabilities to automate IaC provisioning, integrating seamlessly with any CI tool you already use. This integration facilitates GitOps automations for your infrastructure code, helping you accelerate cloud operations and deploy with confidence.

Key Features of Firefly Workflows:

  • Simplified Management: Let Firefly handle the heavy lifting. Our tool creates bulletproof automations in your CI/CD environment, making your operations smoother and more efficient.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Availability: Maintain your code in a controlled environment and be perpetually ready to deploy. Firefly ensures your infrastructure aligns with industry best practices and compliance requirements.
  • Built-In Insights: Gain comprehensive visibility into your deployments. The Workflows Plan Graph lets you visualize all planned changes, relationships between resources, and provides cost estimations and policy compliance updates—all powered by AI insights.
  • Prevention of Undesired Changes: With customizable prevention policies, Firefly blocks any operation that could lead to policy violations, excessive costs, or other risks, safeguarding your infrastructure integrity.
  • Post-Deployment Rundown: After deployment, Workflows offers detailed insights into cloud activities, assisting you in streamlining debugging processes and effectively managing your asset inventory.

Why Choose Firefly Workflows?

Firefly Workflows is more than just a tool—it’s a transformative approach to managing your cloud infrastructure. By integrating directly with your existing tech stack, Workflows offers a solution that enhances operational reliability without the hassle of vendor lock-in. This new feature is designed to support businesses in achieving agile, secure, and cost-effective cloud operations.

Ready to Transform Your Cloud Management?

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