We are excited to share that we are partnering with HashiCorp to provide our users with native integration to Terraform Cloud through the general availability of run tasks. During HashiConf Europe last year, Hashicorp previewed a new feature called run tasks for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud. The run tasks feature was built to enable organizations to integrate third-party tools within a Terraform run, specifically between the Plan and Apply stages of the Terraform Cloud workflow. 

Firefly's integration with Terraform Cloud run tasks helps cloud teams cast a cloud safety net and foresee the implications of any change to the cloud in other assets before deployment  - making it possible to keep moving fast without breaking your cloud.

Firefly Integration with Terraform Cloud

Firefly is tightly integrated with Terraform Cloud in several ways, to provide Terraform Cloud users with new Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) capabilities to keep their cloud aligned with its desired state: 

  1. Complete cloud and IaC inventory - with Firefly, users receive a complete and continuously updated status of their cloud resources in the context of Infrastructure-as-Code across  Multi-Cloud, Multi-Account, and K8s environments. Users can view their entire cloud footprint, including cases of Shadow IT or forgotten legacy assets, and discover whether they are managed through Terraform. 
  2. Automatic codification - Firefly generates code to transform any unmanaged or drifted asset directly into Terraform Cloud, accelerating your IaC coverage in a matter of seconds, including public cloud resources, Kubernetes, and infrastructure tools like Akamai, Datadog, and more.
  3. Foresee the implication of any change to the cloud - Firefly’s integration with Terraform Cloud run tasks enables developers to see all the affected resources (whether managed by code or not) from any planned change to the cloud, before being deployed. By doing so, developers can deploy new features or fixes, increase business agility and avoid costly mistakes. 

How Does It Work? 

In Firefly, users can easily create an integration with Terraform Cloud. Then, when opening Terraform Cloud and using the Terraform Plan, the integration with run tasks will then post to Firefly in order to authorize, analyze and detect all of the resources affected by the change described in the Plan. These can be resources managed by Terraform or those that are not. Then, the user may choose to either Apply to the environment or alter the plan as needed. 

Get Started

In order to get started, all you need is to have a Firefly account (which can be set up for free) and a Terraform Cloud account. Then, once in Firefly, follow the instructions to complete the integration between Firefly and Terraform Cloud, and you are ready to start analyzing the effects of your planned changes on other resources.