CMDB for cloud

Control cloud assets as easily as physical assets

As cloud usage skyrockets, your traditional tools will fall short in managing your multi-cloud resources - resulting in unchecked costs, complexity and risk. Firefly embraces proven configuration management databases (CMDB) principles and applies them to the cloud: find, assess, and manage everything that is in your cloud.
A variety of cloud providers and SaaS products feed into Firefly

Key CMDB capabilities of Firefly

Cloud status visibility

Always know what your cloud is doing

Firefly can precisely determine if each resource in your cloud is codified, unmanaged, drifted, or ghost. Not only will you know exactly what percentage of your cloud resources are correctly managed, but you’ll gain insight into where and how much more you’ll need to invest in infrastructure as code.

A chart showing IaC coverage across all cloud assets
The version of history of a cloud asset

Multi-cloud visibility

Easily manage multiple clouds, K8s, and SaaS in one inventory

Working with multiple cloud accounts makes it even more challenging to manage your organization’s costs, best practices, and policies. With Firefly, you can gain visibility to every cloud provider plus Kubernetes and SaaS apps to create cloud asset inventory.

Disaster recovery

No more deletion disasters

Having a reliable cloud backup is the key to keeping your peace of mind. Easily look back at any changes in configuration and identify where things went wrong so you can put out fires quickly. Plus, if disaster strikes, you can always roll back to past configurations or re-deploy deleted assets.

The version of history of a cloud asset
The version of history of a cloud asset

Change management

Find and fix cloud drift

Is your cloud drift increasingly out of control? Maybe someone created a duplicate Helm chart and they’re both trying to manage the same K8s cluster, but they don’t match. Manage your cloud resources with IaC on Firefly and catch and fix any drift as it occurs so you can gain back version control, change management, stability and traceability.

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