Whether you're looking to automate your infrastructure’s code deployments or enhance your current deployment workflows, Firefly’s newest feature provides the flexibility and tools to adapt to your team's needs and preferred tech stack. In his new video, Ned In the Cloud explains how you can optimize your Terraform automation using Firefly’s workflows and streamline planning, deployment and troubleshooting. 

Introducing Firefly Workflows

Up until recently, Firefly focused on helping teams discover, codify, and monitor their infrastructure. However, it didn't offer automation capabilities directly. This changes with the introduction of Workflows. Now, Firefly can help create or augment an IaC automation process on your preferred CI/CD platform, such as GitHub Actions, without the need to learn a new pipeline language.

What’s Inside?

In his video, Ned gives a demonstration of the different options Workflows offers. He gives an overview of how to create a workflow from scratch, as well as how to integrate with an existing workflow if you already have an automated infrastructure in place. Then he walks you through configuring a workflow to deployment, as well as how to add Firefly to an existing pipeline.  

How Workflows simplifies IaC provisioning

Firefly doesn't just automate; it enhances your existing tools and processes. With features like real-time updates, policy checks, and cost estimations integrated directly into your CI/CD pipeline, Firefly offers a comprehensive view of your infrastructure's health and compliance. It's designed to work seamlessly with your current tools, avoiding the disruption of introducing new technologies.

Looking Ahead

Firefly is continuously evolving, with plans to expand its support for different VCS and CI/CD platforms, add more customization options, and enhance its policy management and cost analysis features.

We look forward to helping you streamline your infrastructure management with Firefly's Workflows. Keep an eye on this space for more updates and tips on leveraging Firefly to its fullest potential.

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